Panda Peekaboo Necklace

Sterling Silver

Panda Peekaboo ring

Sterling Silver

Feather Pendant

Sterling Silver

Dragon Claw Bracelet

Stainless Steel

At the three day Congregate 8 Comicon event at The Marriott, there was a costume contest, authors signing books, and many local businesses that came from all over to bring you unique items to sell to customers.   There was even an alien sighted on the last day walking through the event.  It was nuts.  We had a fabulous time, and if you didn't come, I hate you missed it.

We found our customers enjoyed the selection of products we had to offer, and Panda Peekaboo seemed to be the popular item.  Along with the favorites were the stainless steel dragon claw bracelet and skull rings.  We hope all of our customers had a great time and enjoy their purchase.  

 If you missed the event this year, there will be many more in the future, and hopefully you can make the next one.

It was a big party at Smokin Harley Davidson in Winston Salem on Saturday, May 28th.  There were lots of bikers that came out to shop, eat, enjoy the bands and showing off those motorcycles.  Everyone was hot and happy to be there.  So many vendors were there and food choices to enjoy including.....yes....chocolate ice cream.  Hello!

Our stainless steel rings were the star of the show this day.  I hope everyone enjoys their jewelry.  We had a great time, and can't wait to do another event there.