W​e​ have sterling silver necklaces, pendants, assortment of chains and earrings, anklets, bracelets, and toe rings to midi rings for adults and kids.  Are jewelry comes with and without gemstones.​  There many choices in themes as well, such as Infinity, Tree Of Life, hearts, wings, etc.  If​ we don't have it in stock, we have a way to special order and ship your items straight to you.

There are several grades to stainless steel, but we will only carry 316/314 surgical steel graded jewelry.  We just recently started to carry some body jewelry such as belly rings made of 316 grade surgical steel.  Along with body jewelry, we also have trendy themes such as skull rings, crosses, wings, Infinity, Tree of Life and more.  We can also order some items and have them shipped to you as well. 

Need a Vendor for a local event?  Would you like to make an order?

Click the link below, then send me your order in an email to [email protected]  Please make sure to put customer in the subject line.


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